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Fuse Inventory Raises $2.9M Seed Round to Drive Innovation in Supply Chain Software

Inventory planning platform helps up-and-coming brands forecast demand and minimize losses from out-of-stock products


SAN FRANCISCO, CA August 20, 2019 -- Fuse Inventory, the supply chain startup powering the growth of popular direct-to-consumer brands like Glossier and MeUndies, has raised $2.9M in a round of seed financing led by Crosscut Ventures. The round included notable firms Precursor Ventures, The Helm, and Correlation Ventures, among others. 


The funds will be used to expand Fuse’s analytics-driven product capabilities and to enable the startup to scale with its growing customer base. In addition to Glossier and MeUndies, Fuse has over 20 brands using its inventory planning platform, including LOLA, Soludos, and Snowe.


The startup, a graduate of Alchemist Accelerator, also welcomed Rick Smith of Crosscut Ventures to its board of directors. 


“Fuse is driving innovation in supply chain software and supporting some of the fastest-growing consumer brands today," said Smith, who led the round. “We invested in Fuse because they enable retailers to be faster and more nimble in their supply chains -- an advantage that will allow them to thrive in today’s competitive retail industry.”


A rare pair of female co-founders, Fuse CEO Rachel Liaw and CTO Bridget Vuong met as Stanford University undergraduates. Prior to Fuse, Liaw was a Co-Founder at Parasol Co and a supply chain manager at Kiwi Crate. Meanwhile, Vuong served as a software engineer at Google, where she was a key contributor to Waze and Helpouts. 

Liaw is confident in Fuse's competitive advantage: she says “Fuse’s platform gives up-and-coming brands access to data and forecasting tools at a larger scale, which allows our customers to grow quickly despite competition from mega-retailers with more resources.” 


About Fuse

Fuse integrates data from across the supply chain to generate demand forecasts and order recommendations without opening a single spreadsheet. Their core value is helping businesses optimize cash flow by minimizing losses from overstocked and out-of-stock inventory. Learn more at fuseinventory.com.




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