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IMS/3PL/OMS/ERP/FUSE - Find Out Which One You Need

As straightforward as inventory seems, the ways of managing, tracking, planning, and ordering it can differ. Many retailers use a combination of...

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Are you financing your inventory the wrong way?

Over the past year, we’ve learned that many young companies are financing their inventory completely the wrong way. What’s the wrong way to finance...

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Struggling to forecast your inventory in Excel? Don't worry, you're not alone.

At Fuse, we have the privilege of helping our customers enjoy their work more by providing an easy to use, beautifully designed inventory planning...

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7 easy steps to set up your supply chain correctly

Supply chain is incredibly daunting, especially if you’re new to it. While it might seem confusing and complicated at first, you can tackle this...

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Fuse Funding Announcement

Fuse Inventory Raises $2.9M Seed Round to Drive Innovation in Supply Chain Software

Inventory planning platform helps up-and-coming brands forecast...

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What's our ROI?

When we first started Fuse, we had several key hypotheses as to how we could improve the way inventory planning is done by retailers today. First, we...

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