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Goodbye Grogu...>$30M of inventory heads to landfill

Inventory overproduction is a well-known issue in the supply chain industry, and it can be a costly problem for companies. Inventory distortion...

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7 Supply Chain Tips to Get Ahead This Year

In honor of our 7th and last episode of this season’s podcast, we’re highlighting the seven most important things you need to do this year as a...

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Too much inventory? Try these tips

Don’t get caught off guard with inventory glut – use Fuse’s WOS report to monitor your inventory overages and underages in real time.

Retailers are...

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How Ravacan is Building Competitive Supply Chains

An Interview with Anne-Sophie, CEO of Ravacan

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Advice From Four Decades of Supply Chain Leadership

An interview with James Jacobe, supply chain leader and subject matter expert.

James' background combines extensive expertise and leadership in...

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“Just Have It” - Is this the new trend in inventory ownership?

“Just have it” inventory…have you heard of it? It’s the more audacious, unapologetic, more expensive (or so they say) alternative to “just in time”...

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What S&OP is and why you need it

Sales and operations planning (S&OP) is one of the most critical processes you can implement into your business. If you haven’t heard of it, or...

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Should You Raise Your Retail Prices?

You may have noticed your car is a little bit more expensive to fill up, or that guac is even more extra these days. Inflation is certainly upon us....

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How to Plan your Inventory for Holiday 2021

With so many changes to consumer spending habits, it can be difficult to keep up with what consumers want and need. This holiday season is no...

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What You Can Learn from the Brands That are Staying Resilient

With supply chain bottlenecks, inflated costs, and inventory shortages, CPG brands today are facing the perfect recipe for challenging sales and...

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