Inventory planning for the digital age.

Fuse pulls data from every step in your supply chain to generate demand forecasts, sales reports, PO recommendations, and more.

Plan with confidence.

See Your Supply Chain At Scale

Know exactly how much inventory you have sitting and how you've been performing against your goals.

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Restock When You Need To

We'll bubble up restocks and recommend order quantities based on your lead times, buy cycles, bundles, weeks on hand -- you name it.

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Demand Forecasts, On Demand

Fuse's demand forecasting algorithms power reports that account for recent sales trends, seasonality, marketing promotions, and more.

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Trusted by fast-growth, multi-channel brands.

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Kind words from real people.

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Fuse has significantly lightened our workload as the breadth of our SKU offering required painstaking, time consuming analysis. Because of Fuse, we were able to better use our capital and our time.

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Sarah Pierson

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