Plan with Confidence.

Invest in the right inventory at the right time. Avoid costly overstocks and stockouts.
Are you at a growing, omni-channel brand and a:
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  • Messy Webs of Spreadsheets
  • Missed Orders
  • Out of Stock Items Promoted
  • Marketing Events Unaccounted For
  • Difficult to Collaborate
  • Can’t Adapt Quickly

Our Way.

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  • Centralized System of Record
  • Data Vetted by Experts
  • Ongoing Data Validation
  • Collaborate Seamlessly with Unlimited Seats
  • See Impacts to your Supply Chain in Real-Time
Centralize Data. Plan with Confidence. Purchase the Right Inventory. Invest in Fuse.

Supply Chains & Software are in our DNA.

Are you perpetually out of stock? Scrambling to fulfill retailer POs and keep your vendor score up? Or worse: wasting money on inventory that doesn't sell, racking up holding costs, and tying up capital that you need to invest in new products? If that sounds familiar, it's time for change.

No more "copy, paste, and pray" in a messy web of spreadsheets. Fuse pulls data from every part of your supply chain, then uses proprietary algorithms to forecast demand so you can plan your inventory efficiently and accurately. We then translate your demand into smart purchasing plans that enable you to optimize your cash flow and scale your business.

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Trusted by fast-growth, multi-channel brands.

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Plan with confidence.

See Your Supply Chain At Scale

Know exactly how much inventory you're holding and how you've been performing against your goals. Trim costs efficiently, immediately.

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Restock When You Need To

We'll flag urgent restocks and recommend order quantities based on your lead times, buy cycles, and forward-looking weeks of supply target. Down to the raw materials.

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Demand Forecasts, On Demand

Fuse's predictive demand forecasting algorithms account for recent sales trends, seasonality, marketing promotions, new product launches, and more.

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Kind words from real people.

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When a company is growing over 150% per year like SuitShop, a dynamic tool that updates inventory demand daily is critical. Fuse has taught us a lot about the popularity of our product assortment and helps us optimize our purchase orders to ensure we make the most of our inventory investments. 

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