Margaux Minimizes stockouts and overstocks despite hundreds of skus


At a glance

Hundreds of SKUs
Rapidly scaling start-up
2 month lead time


The Story

Margaux is dedicated to quality and customer experience above all else. Given the variety of product offered in many colors and sizes, it was hard to keep track of historical performance and leverage that data to forecast demand. Margaux wanted to make sure that each and every customer that came to the site could get the exact product in the exact size she wanted. This dedication to quality resulted in overstocking lower volume SKUs, tying up tens of thousands of dollars of capital. Without additional visibility into the data, it was a tough challenge to avoid. With Fuse, Margaux can now easily see their sales data, inventory levels, open POs and place their inventory buys with confidence. 

At the same time, the company was experiencing stock-outs in its most popular, best selling colors like black and navy. Given long lead times and poor visibility into the data, it was difficult to properly forecast demand and re-order core colors in a timely manner. As a result, some of the most popular SKUs were back-ordered, creating a huge missed revenue opportunity. By seamlessly automating Margaux’s demand forecast and connecting it to current inventory levels, Fuse can proactively alert the operations team to impending stock-outs.

On one hand, Fuse’s real-time inventory tracking and responsive projections allow us to be nimble in our inventory management and react quickly. On the other hand, it has significantly lightened our workload as the breadth of our SKU offering required painstaking, time-consuming analysis. Because of Fuse, we’re able to better use our capital and our time.
Sarah Pierson
Co-Founder, Margaux


The Challenge

  • Concerned about offering customers variety from a size and color perspective resulted in over-ordering low volume SKUs
  • Launching new styles and colors with limited data on performance of similar SKUs
  • Huge volume of SKUs given multiple styles, colors and sizes
  • High-level process with a lot of manual guess work in Excel, but long lead times require precise forecasting

The Solution

  • Fuse’s system neatly organizes all of Margaux’s sales history providing clear visibility into sales by color, style and size
  • Fuse automatically generates a demand forecast completing the time consuming, manual work the company used to do in Excel automatically and with greater accuracy
  • Fuse seamlessly centralizes Margaux’s demand forecast, sales history, inventory levels and open POs
  • Cleaner, simpler, more streamlined data with a central source of truth for demand, sales, inventory and POs
  • Accurate forecasting with minimal time investment
  • Increased precision in inventory buying and replenishment reducing stockouts and overstocks