How LOLA makes proactive, data-driven decisions with real-time inventory data


At a glance

Rapidly scaling start-up
100% customizable products
Packaged product with multiple components


The Story

Previously stuck planning inventory in Excel and Google sheets, LOLA now uses Fuse to forecast product demand, order and replenish inventory, and track procurement.  Fuse provides a holistic view for key stakeholders on the Supply Chain, Operations and Executive teams. This 360 degree view helps the company proactively make purchasing decisions.  By centralizing LOLA’s sales and inventory data, Fuse has given the company the ability to make better data-driven decisions. As LOLA expands its product lines, sales history of existing products can be leveraged to create a forecast for new product lines. 

LOLA is experiencing rapid growth in the next year, and Fuse’s cloud-based inventory planning software, unlike Excel, easily supports and scales with LOLA’s growing volume of data.

I’ve been using Fuse since February and from day 1, I could tell that it was going to make a meaningful difference in our business. By centralizing our sales and inventory data, Fuse has given me the ability to make better data-driven decisions.
Stacy Corona
Operations, LOLA


The Challenge

  • Overstocking in SKUs
  • Managing inventory with rapidly growing demand
  • Selling direct-to-consumers online with no automated interface providing visibility
  • Subscription product delivering a box with multiple products in any given package

The Solution

  • Easy-to-use interface created a central source of truth for all of LOLA’s sales, forecast, inventory and procurement data
  • Seamless link between LOLA’s e-commerce front-end and its 3PL provider delivering an accurate, real time picture
  • Centralization of data eliminated the need for messy spreadsheets
  • Planning is more productive due to shift in focus on analysis versus centralizing data
  • More accurate assessment of weeks of supply based on a forward looking calculation